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GEEX Hundred Man LAN 2011

The GEEX LAN party is back again for 2011! Seating is limited, so register early and get prepared to come to play and hang out at GEEX for the weekend.

The first 50 registrations will receive an EVGA t-shirt and lanyard!

Click here to register for the LAN party

Here's some quick FAQs on everything you may need to know about the LAN party. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

What is the LAN party?
The LAN party is a bring your own PC event held during the GEEX event. Within the LAN party, gamers will be able to hang out and play with and against fellow gamers. Some see it as a time to socialize and hang out with the local PC gaming community and other see it as a great excuse to sit and play games for hours. Either way, it's going to be awesome.
Where is the LAN party taking place?
Similar to past GEEX events, the LAN party will be set up within the show floor itself. You'll be right in the middle of everything else that is going on at GEEX. Need a break? Get up and go enjoy the other events happening at the show.
When is the LAN party taking place?
The LAN party will be taking place throughout the event. The LAN party will open up at 10:00 am on Friday and will run until 12:30 pm. Unfortunately we are unable to have a 24 hour LAN party due to Sandy City regulations. The main show floor will be closing at 8:00 pm and that area will be roped off. It is suggested that LAN partiers park on the north side of the building to facilitate exiting after the main exhibit hall is closed for the evening. The LAN party will reopen Saturday morning at 10:00 am and remain open until the event closes at 8:00 pm.
How much will the LAN party cost?
The LAN party will cost $35.00 which will include your general admission ticket to GEEX for the 2 days.
What do I need to bring to the LAN?
Your PC of course. It's also recommended that you bring a power strip of sorts. I basic chair will also be provided for you, but if you would like to bring a more comfortable chair for the long gaming sessions, you are welcome to. Networking cable will be provided for you to connect into the LAN.
Will I have outside access to the internet?
Absolutely, though certain content will be restricted such as torrents, questionable websites, etc. You will not have any trouble accessing and playing any game that requires an internet connection. It is recommended that you come prepared with all of your game patched up and drivers installed as a courtesy to other guests that want to be gaming.
How's security? Is stuff safe? Can I leave it overnight?
GEEX will have security throughout the event. After the event closes, the hall will be locked up until the next day. In the 2 years that we have held the LAN party we have not had a single complaint about lost or stolen gear. In addition, when you sign in with your stuff you'll recieve coded stickers that you can apply to your gear. Anyone leaving the hall with gear will need to verify with staff that they in fact are the owners of said gear.
Will there be tournaments held within the LAN party.
The Heroes of Newerth tournament will take place within the LAN party. Heroes of Newerth is a free to play game and the winning team of the tournament will take home a cool $1,000 sponsored by S2 Games.
Download Heroes of Newerth here and Get tournament information and register here.