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Game-In-A-Day 2011

The incredibly popular Game In A Day event is back for 2011 and is now being presented and sponsored by Neumont University.

Friday October 14, 2010

10:00 AM – Theme Announcement and Game Idea Pitches The contest theme is announced and participants pitch their ideas for games using the theme
11:30 AM – Team Organization. Participants break into teams to work on the game ideas they like best
12:00 PM – Teams Start! The game making frenzy begins! Work continues until 12:00 AM that night within GEEX. You're welcome to continue work off site.

Saturday October 15, 2010

10:00 AM - Game making resumes at GEEX
12:00 PM – Teams Stop. Hours of hard work come to an end, teams hand in their games along with screenshots or video
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Show Off. Games are shown and demoed for GEEX attendees
5:00 PM – Judging. The audience votes for their favorite games
6:00 PM – Presentation of games on the main stage followed by awards.

To vote for a game, visit a kiosk and click on the Vote For Game In A Day shortcut.

Friday morning the theme will be announced. The theme will be composed of three words, two of which you’ll need to incorporate into your game. We’ll take audience suggestions for words, and draw three out of a hat.

After announcing the theme you’ll have a few minutes to come up with a game idea, and then we’ll have people come up and pitch their game ideas. Once all of the ideas are pitched, you’ll form a team with other people who are making a game you think sounds fun. If you’ve already got some people you want to make a game with, then that’s great, you can show up ready to rock. If you don’t have a team ready, we’ll help you find other people to complement your skills. There’s no limit to how large your team can be, but smaller groups tend to work better.

At 12:00 noon on Friday the competition will begin, and it will be up to you and your team to produce the best game you can in 1 day. At 12:00 noon on Saturday the competition will end. Then it’s show time.

All the teams will hand in their game, along with six to eight screenshots, or up to a minute of video showing off the game. In addition to the pictures or video, each team should include a short paragraph describing what their game is about. Then we’ll give each game a moment in the spotlight, showing the screenshots and reading the descriptions to the audience. Once all the games are shown, judging will commence.

Things to bring:

Hardware: A computer and any equipment you need to work your magic. We’ll supply power hookups, an internet connection, and some desk space. So bring your computers, digital drawing pads, electric accordions, and anything else you’ll need to turn your visions into reality.

Software: You’ll need plenty of software tools as well to bring your game to life. Feel free to bring image editors, music editors, compilers, game libraries, game making programs, even working game engines. Just don’t bring finished games, the challenge is to invent and create a brand new game right on the spot. Bringing a game you’ve already made will just stifle your creative abilities and be unfair to the other contestants. See below for a list of suggested game making tools.

Headphones: It’s going to be pretty noisy with all the neat things going on at GEEX, so for yourself and your neighbors, you’ll want some headphones. Especially if you plan on editing sound or music during the competition.

Money for food: Long hours of hard work are going to leave you hungry. There will be food vendors at the show, so bring some money to secure yourself the fuel you’ll need to keep going. You can also bring in your own food if you prefer.

Judging Criteria

coming soon...